Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 for 30 Recap

Well friends, that's it. I'm finished with 30 for 30. It's been eye opening and I've learned so much. I have to say, it's also been fun. Everyone can learn more about their personal style by remixing this way. Even if you only try this for one week, you should try it. I've always thought I was adventurous with my clothes but I think I need to spice things up even more.

Things I learned:
  • Always include color in your wardrobe.
  • Playing it safe is easy but not always best.
  • Accessories can make an outfit. I already knew this but 30 for 30 drilled it home.
  • Modeling is much harder than it looks. I need to listen to Tyra Banks more about finding my light and smiling with my eyes.
  • Looking for new outfit combinations is something I'll do more often.
  • I love having a huge closet. After this I've realized I could live with much less (but I'd be a little bored).
  • Layering is key to remixing.
  • The olive cargo pants aren't my most flattering pants.
  • I'm so glad that I go thrifting. Some of my favorite finds have come from thrift stores and resales.
  • My love (bordering on obsession) for all types of lip color isn't silly. It makes me look fresher and better in pictures.
  • I'm not as critical of myself as I was when I started this adventure.
  • I need a new camera.
  • My Honey is incredible and awesome. She didn't even complain about taking my picture every day (while I scrutinized them and asked for just one more). I couldn't have done this without her. That's cheating, I already know she is incredible and awesome. THANKS HONEY!

I thought it might be fun to see how many times I wore each item. This is very telling of my favorites but also of the easiest items to mix. The items that got the most wear are bold and in blue.

  1. gray tank (5)
  2. mauve sequin tank SWITCHED FOR TALL SUEDE BOOTS
  3. white no iron shirt  (2) 
  4. gray long sleeve t-shirt  (2)
  5. red long sleeve t-shirt (2)
  6. Breton striped top (2)
  7. red and blue plaid tunic (3)
  8. taupe dolman sleeve top (1)
  9. gray short sleeve t-shirt, cashmere (7)

1.      black thin sweater (7)
2.      blue cashmere double v sweater (4)
3.      gray cable sweater (4)
4.      purple cap sleeve jacket (2)
5.      pinstripe blazer (5)
6.      black faux leather jacket (7)

  1. black dress pants (4)
  2. gray dress pants (2)
  3. olive cargo pants (2)
  4. trouser jeans (3)
  5. bootleg jeans (6)

  1. gray maxi skirt (3)
  2. blue gray swing skirt (4)
  3. gray black color block pencil dress (2)
  4. blue and gray plaid dress (3)

  1. fuchsia oxfords (7)
  2. leopard wedges (4)
  3. red/maroon short boots (2) 
  4. tall black boots - biker (4)
  5. short black boots (7)
  6. tan suede dessert boots (3)
  7. tall black suede boots (3)

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