Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nine in the Afternoon

30 for 30 is really teaching me some things.  I should have given a little more thought to some of my outfit combinations before picking my 30 items. I have to confess this is my least favorite outfit combo so far and the pictures aren't my faves.  At least my little gnome friend lends a little laughter to the picture. I bought that little guy as a gift for my Honey because he was so cute.

That look on my face is saying, "Honey, please take the picture already." It looks a little like I smelled something bad.

Sweater - Ralph Lauren thrifted, Shirt - Converse One for Target, Pants - Lane Bryant,
Boots - Dolce Vita for Target, Ring - craft fair, Bracelets - Saks off 5th and Target, Nails - Revlon and OPI

This pearl bracelet was originally sold as a necklace. I wear it both ways. Items that can do double duty are favorites for me.

I've owned this simple silver ring for many years. My good friend Kate has set her sights on it and made me promise that I'll give it to her if I'm ever tired of it. The nail polish is a new addition. I used Revlon Silver Screen as the base and OPI Shatter over top.  OPI Shatter is a new product and I'm sure I'll be using it often. I've heard that it's sold out in lots of stores. Lots of online companies are jacking up the price. I found it for $7.99 here. If you're adventurous with your polish it's a great addition. You get this cool effect in one simple step.

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