Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Trend - Flatforms

One of the accessory trends that has been all over the runways is the flatform. What? What you say is a flatform? It's a platform that is essentially a flat. It's not really surprising because 70's influenced fashion is back in  big way this spring. I remember when I was a kid, begging my mom for a pair of platforms. I was still in elementary school and she wouldn't let me buy the high shoes I really wanted. My platforms were only about an inch and half high. It was just the start of many debates over clothes, shoes and fashion that my mom and I would have over my childhood and teenage years. I'm sure I'll tell you the story some day of the ripped jeans.

Now that I'm a big girl, I can wear lots of big girl shoes. I'm more than  little excited that I was two years ahead of the flatforms trend when I bought these Michael Kors shoes in two colors. They are great with skirts and with my pants with longer hems. They are fairly high but I can walk all day in them. Some of the runway shoes look really clunky. The trend for less options I've found cost less and have less of the "wood block on your foot" look. I even found a pair of Michael Kors McGraw slingbacks, in teal.
Flatforms for Less

$39 -

$59 -

$27 -

$48 -

The quintessential 70's flatform is the Dr. Scholl's sandal. My cousin Laura, who was and will always be a fashion icon to me, wore them all of the time (in the 70's). You can still get them online for $49. When I was a kid, Dr. Scholl's sold them in drug stores for less than $10.

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