Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Six Shooter

There has been a little bit of a delay in my 30 for 30 quest.  My mom is in town and has been giving me sewing lessons. I've been elbow deep in fabric, thread and patterns. Since I haven't left the house, my outfits over the last few days have consisted of comfy (also known as super sloppy) clothes. These ensembles also consisted of no efforts when it came to make-up and hair. I'm getting braver when it comes to my outfit posting but I am not brave enough to be seen on the web with no make-up.

I am almost finished with my first skirt! I ventured away from the sewing machine today and actually got dressed in something presentable.

That handsome boy is our sweet puppy Blue.

Dress: Target, Sweater: Target, Tights: We Love Colors gift from my sister, Boots: Two Lips via DSW store,
Belt: Talbots Outlet, Necklace: Self-Made Beaux Bijoux, Ring: Marshalls, Sunglasses: Anne Klein via Loehmann's

The tights I'm wearing were a Christmas gift from my sister. She gave me several pairs. They are from We Love Colors. They sell every color in the rainbow and then some. They also sell tights in every size from small to plus, as well as kids and men's. I'm a terror when it comes to tights. I look at them wrong and they run. These are holding up well. They have good stretch, coverage, and no sign of wear so far. I highly recommend them.

This ring was a great find. I got it at Marshalls in a grab bin and I've had it for years. It's been a go to piece ever since.

I made this necklace during DIY Saturday. I love monograms and I had these silver alphabet beads left over from some other projects. I made a necklace for myself and for my sister. We have the same initials. Most people don't believe it but my parents swear that it wasn't intentional.

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