Monday, March 7, 2011

Music is Life - A 30 for 30 Playlist

As you know each post title in 30 for 30 was the title of a song. Some were chosen because I love the song, some were chosen because it was the one I could find that had words in the title, in addition to the number. It would have been so boring if my post titles were:  One, Two, 3, Four, 5... I found tons of songs with just the number as the title. I decided that I wanted more. More interesting titles, more meaning. Searching was a challenge and fun. I found some great songs that I'd never heard. Some have special meaning. It made me laugh when they ended up being perfect for the day or outfit. 

Sums Up My Feelings About Music Perfectly
Found on by 0Silver0 (talented kid)
I hope you'll find some new songs to love and enjoy. Each song title contains a link to a video and/or lyrics.
  1. 23 Days – Framing Hanley

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