Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scarf Love

One of the things that keeps me from hating cold weather are beautiful scarves.  I love all kinds. I think my collection borders on obsession.  All of my silk and dress scarves hang on scarf hangers in my closet. All of my pashminas and winter scarves are stored in boxes (four to be exact) in the coat closet.

Part of my scarf collection (just the dressy scarves)

I told you that my collection was a little nuts.  This picture doesn't even show the winter scarves. The obsession is bad because I love everything about them. They keep you warm, they are practical, they look pretty, they are colorful, they are timeless and the list goes on. It's hard to keep from buying more. I'm always drawn to new styles and patterns. Last winter I even started making my own and giving them as gifts. I've included scarves in many posts. I've even written about buying them, tying them and DIY scarf projects.

I rarely leave the house without a scarf in the winter. They keep the chill at bay and look fab in the process. Because of that I'm always looking for new ways to wear the scarves I own.  This past weekend while I was couch surfing in my pj's, I came across this amazing video. It's hands down the coolest scarf tying video ever! I've been tying my scarves in many of these ways for years and didn't even think there was a name associated with the methods. Once it's finished, you can even click on the individual pictures to see more. The video is done by Wendy Nguyen.  She's got a cool You Tube channel. Enjoy!

What is your favorite way to wear a scarf?

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