Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY - Instant Infinity Scarf

Versatility is key and getting the most wear for my dollar is always the goal.  I have to confess that this isn't my original idea. My sister shared this idea with me. It was so creative, I had to share it with you.

Supply List
1. Long rectangular scarf
2. Dress tape or double sided tape

I used a scarf that I already own from Old Navy, last season (similar ones here). I also used dress tape that I already own (thanks Sis). You can find similar tape at on the net and at stores like Target or David's Bridal. I think it's a great item to have in your arsenal.  You can also use regular double sided tape but it is a little stiff on fabric and doesn't hold as well.

Cut your tape into 1 - 2 inch strips. Place them along the edge of the scarf on the hemmed side. Don't remove the backing.

Peel off the backing on the first piece of tape. Match it to the opposite site of the other end of the scarf.  Repeat this step until you've secured the scarf completely.

Now your scarf is ready to wear!

The beauty of this DIY is that it isn't permanent. You can go back to your regular scarf at any time or do this with any other scarf!

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