Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Unsung Hero

It's long been my belief that the scarf is the unsung hero of the accessory world. You all know I love items that can be worn multiple ways. Well my friends, I'm here to tell you that a scarf is the pinnacle of multi-duty items. When I say scarf I'm referring to the silk or satin type, not the knitted, winter type. Although I dearly love my warm winter scarves and cozy Pashminas, they definitely don't have the year round versatility of a beautiful silk or satin scarf.

Givenchy Scarf - thrifted $3

Scarves are easily one of the biggest bangs for your buck when thrifting. Most people don't give the scarf rack or bin a second glance. I'm sure for many people it calls to mind stuffy ladies at country clubs and grandmas wearing bad polyester dresses. The most I've ever paid for a scarf at a thrift store is $4. On discount days I've paid less than a dollar. When picking out scarves at a thrift store I look for several things:
  • What material is used in this scarf?
  • Are there any stains?
  • How can i wear it?
Many times tags and labels have been removed from scarves by the time they arrive in the thrift store. Educate yourself a bit by checking out silk scarves and blouses at another store. You'll be able to spot the real silk scarves in no time. Satin scarves are usually made out of polyester but they can be just as pretty and versatile.

Beware of stains.  Many times they are set in and you won't be able to remove them.  It's best to either dry clean or hand wash silk. You can't use harsh detergents to remove stains. If you love the scarf and can either hide the stain or are willing to take the chance on cleaning it, go for it.

I have scarves in all shapes and sizes. I tend to wear the long rectangular scarves and the large square scarves most often. I've passed on some small square or kerchief type scarves that I found for a bargain because I wouldn't wear them very often. It's not a bargain if you won't wear it. When I look at a scarf I see endless possibilities. There are so many ways to tie them.

The beauty of a Hermes scarf is out of my price range. I hope to one day find a Hermes scarf in a thrift bin. I know it's delusional but a girl can dream. Leave it to this illustrious fashion house to publish the best ideas for scarf tying ever!  You can purchase the cards or you can download them FREE here.  Free is always better.

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