Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Favorite Fall 2013 Trends - Punk

You know a trend is going to be hot when Chanel shows it on their runway. One of my favorite Fall 2013 trends is punk. Some are calling it grunge but in my opinion, when you add spikes, studs or saftey pins, it's punk. The key to a trend is making it work for you. Is a studded jacket out of your comfort zone? Try a studded clutch instead. A ripped safety pin t-shirt not you? Try ripped jeans. If the punk trend still isn't you, don't worry there are plenty of others to try.

Chanel Punk
Punk Chanel Style
There are lots of ways to wear the punk trend.  Shoes, jewelry, jackets, shirt, and even jeans. Here are just a few ways I would wear the punk trend.

My Favorite Fall 2013 Trends - Punk
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One of my favorite things about this trend is the amazing DIY options.  Instead of buying a pair of distressed jeans, create your own from an old pair or buy a pair at the thrift store for distressing. This blog has a good tutorial. Turn an old t-shirt punk by adding a few cuts and some safety pins. For just a couple dollars you can have an on great t-shirt to wear with your favorite leather jacket. Want to add some studs or spikes?  You can buy them here or here and add some punk to a jacket, a collar or even a cell phone cover. Even create your own safety pin necklace. Looking undone or self-made is part of the toughness that is punk.

If you're lacking inspiration, check out these photos of 80's London street style and music icons Wendy O'Williams, Siouxsie Sioux and Sid Vicious, as well as fashion designer and icon Vivienne Westwood.

Punk Inspiration

Even the Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated punk's influence on fashion with an exhibit this summer titled Punk: Chaos to Couture.

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