Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DIY - Safety Pin Necklace

I was inspired to make my own version of the Tom Binns Safety Pin Necklace.  The original is no longer available but similar versions of his necklaces sell for over $900. The original looks like this...

Tom Binns Safety Pin Necklace

Instead of using rhinestone strands I decided to make the safety pins sparkle.

Supply List
  1. large safety pins
  2. jump rings
  3. chain of different sizes and types of metal (if desired)
  4. pliers
I started by coating the head of each pin with glitter glue. I coated one side, let it dry completely and coated the other side.

While the pins were drying I determined the length of my necklace. Then using pliers I created length of chain for my necklace. Some lengths of chain were shorter. Using small jump rings attached to each end of the safety pin, I joined two lengths of chain on several strands.  I used a safety pin as the necklace closure.

  • safety pins - from my sewing kit
  • glitter glue - $3 (plenty left for a future project)
  • chain -  $10 (with left over chain) + some left from my DIY - Chain Detail Jacket
  • jump rings - from my jewelry supplies (you can get them for a few dollars at the craft store)
SAVINGS - $900+

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