Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Moment of Lust - Vintage Chanel Brooch

Pins and brooches have been a favorite accessory of mine for many years. I even wore one in my hair on my wedding day. On my all time wish list, a vintage Chanel brooch is at the top. It's a classic piece that I know I will wear forever. My real issue would be, not wearing it. I'd wear it on jackets, sweaters, hats, and even t-shirts. I'm sure it would border on ridiculous. There are several reputable sellers that have Chanel brooches available. I'd love to have a large one, two inches or more. They range in price from about $250 - over $500. 

photo credit : Malleries.com

Usually, I find budget friendly alternatives for my lust items. In this case there aren't any.  A Chanel brooch is a stand alone piece. There is no substitute. For me, knock-offs aren't an option. They hurt the economy and support organized crime, child labor and human trafficking. A vintage piece is even better because it's a form of recycling (see how I just justified this big purchase). For me quality and the number of times I will wear a piece always matter. Sometimes a more costly piece can end up being a better value in the long run because you wore it more often. Knowing that this brooch will be worn over and over again and be passed down makes purchasing it a bit easier.

Moment of Lust - Chanel Brooch
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Maybe Santa will be good to me this year or I'll get an amazing birthday present.

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