Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lessons I've Learned from Over Packing circa 2013

I try hard not to over pack but I don't think I've ever travelled and used every item in my bag. I always pack too many, just in case items.  This past week was our annual beach trip. Try as I did to only pack the necessary, I still over packed.  My biggest mistake this year was packing at the last minute. I have had super busy weeks at work lately and didn't feel like packing when I got home. In summers past, I laid out my travel items. This year, I thought I would show you what I took with me and what I should have taken.

First the items I took with me. I didn't include my bras and undies. Also, these are similar to items I own but not all of them are exact. I've divided my clothing into beach and non beach items.

Beach packing 2013


Items packed:
2 pairs of cropped pants (3 total, wore one pair to the beach)
6 tank tops
5 t-shirts
2 fancier tops (wore one to the beach)
2 pairs of cut off shorts
2 dresses (sundress and a cap sleeve jersey dress)
2 skirts
2 cover ups
2 bathing suits (4 pieces)
2 sarongs
work out pants
2 pairs of sandals
2 pairs of flip flops
1 pair of running shoes
1 large brim sun hat
1 panama hat
3 pairs of earrings
3 bracelets
various magazines
craft projects

I didn't need three pairs of pants. I didn't need all of the jewelry I took. We don't go out at night. We cook dinner at the house and hang out and play volleyball. I didn't need two dresses and two skirts. I wore my cut offs most of the time. I took a pair that was frayed and a pair I cut in a scallop pattern.

Beach Packing 2013

Above are the items that went to the beach with me on various days. I definitely didn't need two cover-ups or three pairs of sunglasses. I also wished that I had a one piece suit instead of two sets of separates. I packed it all in my large suitcase.  We have a washer and dryer at the house and I always throw a load of laundry in while we are there. It's easy to do laundry while you're drinking at night. It makes it less like work. If I had condensed I could have packed it all in my small carry on size suitcase.

I didn't wear these items at all:
1 skirt
3 tank tops
1 t-shirt
white cropped pants
2 pairs of earrings
1 bracelet
1 pair of flip flops, not pictured

I wish I had taken:
A thin sweater or sweatshirt
another pair of cute diy cutoffs (these have not been created yet)

While at the beach, my dress is incredibly casual. We don't go out at night, instead we enjoy time at the house. {msL} and I had one date afternoon lunch at a nearby seafood restaurant. But it's the beach and a casual dress or embellished sandals is about as fancy as folks get. It's North Carolina, not South Beach. I really believe I would have been better served to reduce my clothing to the items below.

Beach Style 2013 - What I Should Have Packed

Instead of all of the skirts and the extra sundress, I should have taken a maxi dress and a short sleeve dress. I should have also taken a pair of aviators. I took a pair last year and I missed them this year. I should have taken one statement necklace and one pair of earrings. That's all I need. I should have skipped the two cover ups and just taken one sarong. It was chilly a couple of nights and I wished that I had a pull over sweatshirt. I took a 3/4 sleeve casual jacket but it wasn't warm. I should have also added one cute top, but I'm still contemplating the style I should take.

Hopefully, I will learn my lesson next year and pack a little better. My super organized sister is going on a trip to Italy later this month, with only a carry-on. I'm in awe.

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