Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fashion and Style Quote of the Day (#12) - Drinks and Lipstick

 There are days when only certain things will perk up my mood. Those are the days when I call my closest friends, who always make me laugh, long for the end of the day to see {msL} because she always makes me feel better, make a favorite cocktail and put on my favorite lipstick. For some people that last one seems silly or doesn't fit them.  For me it works every time. If I feel good about myself then that makes me happier. Bright lipstick works every time. It can make a simple outfit more polished. Great lipstick with a t-shirt somehow seems fancier. It's a simple tool in your arsenal.

I'm in love with all of the bright lipsticks out this year.  My latest obsession is the Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids collection. I love all of the colors and already own many of them.

This post on Beautezine has great swatches.

I even wore Hot Plum (far right in the photo above) on my wedding day (photo below).  It's a fantastic bright fuchsia shade.

A great way to jazz up your favorite sweatshirt and cargo jacket. I'm sure the necklaces didn't hurt either.

Now for the drink. On our wedding day we chose to serve beer (2 of our favorites), wine (red and white) and two signature cocktails. My personal favorite was the Lucky 13 (vodka cherry limeade). We also created a drink called the  Rock Star. It's a rum and passion fruit drink. The Lucky 13 was by far the most popular (reddish pink drink below).

Lucky 13 Recipe


Lucky 13 (vodka cherry limeade)

lime juice (fresh is best but bottled is good too for simplicity)
Monin cherry syrup (best I've found, don't use grenadine, it's not the same)
Sprite (or any lemon lime soda)

Fill a rocks glass with ice.

Add 2 oz of vodka
Add two splashes of lime juice (about 1/4 oz, more if you like it tart)
Add 1/2 oz of cherry syrup
Fill the glass with Sprite and stir.


It's a great summer time drink.  You can make some alterations to the recipe if you are calorie conscious. Use club soda or sugar free Sprite in place of regular Sprite.  There are also sugar free cherry syrups available but we chose Monin because it doesn't have a fake cherry flavor. You could also use cherry juice, like Ocean Spray or Old Orchard Very Cherrie. If you substitute juice you will need to alter the proportions.

If you have a down day anytime soon, try a little pick up. Grab your favorite drink and put on some fun lipstick.  Thanks Elizabeth.

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