Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY - Metallic Skull

Oh Pinterest, what did I ever do before you came along?  About two weeks ago I pinned a brass skull to my DIY Pinterest board.  I love skulls to wear, for decoration, in photos, and on and on.  I just love them.  When I spied the brass skull I just knew it would be my next DIY.  As luck would have it, I bought a bunch of plastic skulls from Target after Halloween last year. I wanted the skull to be silver instead of brass.  So I grabbed one plastic skull and the can of Krylon Chrome spray paint and went to work. 

Inspiration - HomeMint Brass Skull $349.99
At $349.99 I would not be buying this skull.  It looks amazing, but not for that price.  I knew I could get a similar look with my plastic skull and a little spray paint. Check out all the details after the jump.

plastic skull                            $1
Krylon Chrome Spray Paint    already owned (originally $4 with coupon at Michaels)

Total Cost                             $1 

Total Saved                            $348.99

I didn't pretreat the skull in any way.  I just sprayed two thin coats and completely covered the skull with the silver Chrome Krylon spray paint. The paint covers very well and I could have gone with a single coat but wanted to make sure the finish was solid.  It was dry in about an hour.

It's now on display on our entry way shelf.  A fun greeting for all of our guests.  I love the way it looks sitting on the black shelf, next to the black vase.

A great addition to our home and it only cost $1!   FANTASTIC!

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