Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspiration - Dresses and Suits

My sister and I sat down recently to talk wedding stuff. She's my Maid of Honor and she's got a much more practical and methodical brain that I do.  She offered to help me with the budget and logistics for the wedding. She's really good at telling me what I need to hear not just what I want to hear. In short, she's the greatest sister ever. Because of this talk, my brain is back in crazy wedding mode and I'm going to show you some of my thoughts about our wedding attire.

My Honey isn't girly and hasn't worn a dress since she was a teen.  She wants to look chic and polished but not stuffy.  She's a jeans, t-shirt and jacket girl but wants to look dressier on our wedding day.  My Mom is making my dress so my options are only limited by the fabric we can find and afford and the pattern we use.  I'm leaning toward a dress that is partially black or all black. All of these couples provide great inspiration.

photo credit: Emily Scannell Photography
photo credit: Jessica Claire Photography
photo credit: Sarah Tew Photography

I've read that Sarah Jessica Parker regrets wearing a black dress in her wedding to Matthew Broderick.  I think she looks great and so happy.  

photo credit: Hudson River Photography
photo credit: my wedding photographer

photo credit: People Magazine
photo credit: Whitney Lee Photography
Cynthia Nixon wed Christine Marinoni on a New York roof top.  I love Christine's suit but I'm more in love with the dress that Cynthia is wearing in the picture on the right from an event. I love the water color effect and I think it would be a fantastic and unique wedding dress.

photo credits: (left) Laurie Rhodes, (right) unknown

Thanks for indulging me again.

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