Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Man of Style

Three years ago today my dad passed away after a long illness. I miss him every day. He made a huge impact on all who met and knew him.  His kindness and graciousness made you feel welcome and loved. He was always willing to share his knowledge with those who asked. My cousin says that he was the smartest man he's ever known.  I think that's because my dad was a life long learner. He loved to learn and was interested in everything.  He even surprised me once, when in his sixties, he proceeded to explain to my mom who Snoop Dog was. He was a very tall man (6'6") and despite the fact that clothes weren't always easy for him to find, he was a snappy dresser. But even though he had cool personal style, it was his personality and the way he carried himself that drew people to him.

One of my favorite photos - taken when my parents were dating (He was 20)

Love you Daddy!

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