Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Color of Love...

Red and pink have always been part of Valentine's Day for me. I remember sitting for hours cutting paper hearts out of red and pink construction paper.  I think it was just an excuse to be creative. I created all sorts of decorations.  Both red and pink symbolize love but red represents passion and pink represents romance and charm. They are both great colors alone or even better when worn together.

Pink Lip - Maybelline Fuchsia Fever

Red Lip - Maybelline Red Revival

There are times when I would have thought that this outfit was too matchy matchy but some how it all works together.The colors in the skirt work with the rest of the pieces to create a combo I love. It's so bright and fun, it makes me happy and isn't that what fashion is all about?

Sweater - Target (no longer available), Skirt - Lane Bryant (no longer available), Shoes - Coclico via Simply Soles, Scarf - Goodwill, Belt - Target, Tights - Avenue, Bracelets - vintage, gift, Until There's a Cure, and DIY (red beaded), Earrings - Sakes off 5th, Watch - Timex (gift)

My photographer Honey wasn't available to take my picture, so my wonderful co-worker helped me out.

I've mentioned that I'm on the quest for the perfect red lip.  The whole truth is that I'm a bit obsessed with all kinds of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, and on and  on.  I was thinking that I should count how many colored lip products I own.  I'm a little scared to do that but at least I know I have a bit of a problem. Many years ago my friend Kim and I stood in the bathroom at work, after we both applied lipstick, and counted the number of lip colors in each of our bags. If I remember correctly we tied at eight each. Both of us have the habit of starting the day with one color and changing it up as our mood changes during the day. Hey a girl needs variety.

Before I started on my red lip quest, I owned one red lipstick and one red lip balm.  I now own ten. My Mary Kay Rockin' Red lip gloss isn't in the picture below.

Clockwise from the top: Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm in Cherry, Revlon Colorburst True Red, Maybelline Red Revolution, L'Oreal Target Red, Maybelline Red Revival, MAC Ruby Woo, Revlon Cherry Ice, Sephora Collection Hot Tango, Smashbox Legendary

The pinks are fast approaching the same crazy level.  There are six in the picture below but I've added three more since I took this photo. My three new colors are Maybelline Fuchsia Fever, Maybelline Fifth Ave Fuchsia, and L'Oreal Heavenly Berry and I'm sure that won't be the end. I love bright pink lipstick. 

Clockwise from the top: Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm Peony, L'Oreal Sea Fleur, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Lollipop, Revlon Colorburst Candy Pink, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Cotton Candy, Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm Berry

My post today is part of two blogger challenges.  I'm participating in Everybody Everywear's Red and Pink challenge and the Pretty Shiny Sparkly's Bloggers Do it Better Red challenge.

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