Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday (#1)

One of my favorite daily reads is Sydney's (and Tyson's) blog, The Daybook. She's hysterically funny and takes amazing pictures. One of her weekly items is "Awkward and Awesome Thursday!"  It's always hysterical and I love reading the post every week.

I thought I'd add my blog to her list and create my own Awesome and Awkward Thursday posts. Here goes the first one...

Awkward or Awesome? You decide.

  1. Having lunch with a coworker and missing my mouth with my french fry so ketchup slides across my cheek.
  2. Sending a very late thank you note to my Uncle and Aunt and getting it back in the mail because I forgot to write their address on the envelope. Now it's even later.
  3. Trying to quickly move the teen novel from the front seat of my car as I unlocked the door for a friend.
  4. Having someone call out my name to say hello and not having a clue how I know them or who they are. But still smiling like they are a long lost friend.
  5. Unpacking my latest purchase of new boots as my Honey asks if I’m going to stop buying shoes anytime soon (answer: “No Honey. Who do you think you’re with anyway?").

  1. Starting 30 for 30, posting every day and getting great comments from my awesome friends and family.
  2. Having dinner with my cousin, catching up and getting free dessert from the coolest waiter ever.
  3. My Honey asking me to go on a date with her.
  4. Sunshine after all that snow and rain.
  5. My Mom coming for a two week visit to give me sewing lessons.

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