Wednesday, December 3, 2014

DIY - Birthday Holiday Graphic Shirt

My love of graphic t-shirts is well known. I've even done a graphic t-shirt DIY once before (here). With the Holidays and my Birthday coming up, I knew I wanted to do something fun and festive. For me, nothing screams celebration more than champagne.


Then last weekend, I spotted this clutch at the Kate Spade outlet in Potomac Mills Mall. It was a sign. Perfect for a t-shirt.

I had a t-shirt just waiting for a DIY. I grabbed some stencils, paint, brushes, a Sharpie, a ruler, and some tape.
Rose Gold Paint - I used Martha Stewart Metallic (Copper)
Stencils - I used 2" letters
Sharpie - Copper
Angled paint brushes - I used a medium size (about 1/4" and a tiny 1/16")
I started by measuring the shirt and marking the center and then each line with tape. Measuring is my least favorite part of this DIY. I took the lazy way out and used the tape width as a spacer. Once I was sure the first line was straight and centered, I used it as my guide for the other two. 
Then I placed the letters for the first word. Since I only had one of each letter (like the P and the Z), I had to move them as I marked off the letter outline. I left the openings where I would need to connect the blank spaces in the stencil and filled those in after I removed the stencil.

After I marked off all of the letters, I places a dollop of paint on a paper plate and began painting.
Because the paint I chose wasn't specifically made for fabric, I needed to apply it extra heavy. I couldn't find fabric paint in rose gold so I am rolling the dice and using glass paint. The bottle says that the paint needs to dry for 72 hours in order to be dishwasher safe. I hope this will also hold true for clothes washer safe. Keep your fingers crossed.
I repeated this process until I had filled in all of letters. My shirt is just waiting for this weekend. I think it's going to be part of my Birthday Brunch outfit.

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