Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Struggles with My Changing Hair

We all go through changes in our lives, age, health, pregnancies, and other challenges. Those factors affect skin and hair. I'm not a mom but I'm experiencing age and health challenges. On top of those factors I also change my hair style and color more than most people. When I was younger health and of course age were never an issue. Now I have the added challenge of graying hair and the medicines that I take for my Rheumatoid Arthritis weaken my hair. Recently I cut my hair and also wanted to add more blonde.

I love the color and the cut but the bleaching wreaked havoc on my hair. It began to look dry and lifeless. The very light blonde ends even looked frizzy and like I had split ends. My first instinct was that it needed more moisture. Then I got worried. I've always had very fine hair and using lots of conditioner was bad news. It weighed my hair down and made it look greasy and flat. Using tons of conditioners and oils was contrary to my past experience. Then I thought back to college. During my senior year (1989) I had big 80's hair, compliments of a perm. I thought you could all use a laugh.

At the time I was also taking a swimming/lifesaving class. These two factors made my hair feel like straw. I started using Aussie 3-Minute Miracle. I would put it in my hair before bed and sleep in it. In the morning I would rinse my hair and shampoo, condition and style it as usual. It brought life back to my hair. I decided to give this old method a try. I purchased L'Oreal Extreme Repair Mask. It's like paste and the thickest conditioner I've ever used. It definitely helped but it still wasn't enough. After my shower I added leave-in conditioner to the ends and dried as usual. One day after a shower I let my hair dry naturally. It was a happy accident. My hair never felt better. It curled easily and didn't feel as dry. Ever since that day, I've been letting my hair dry naturally and adding a bit of dry shampoo for texture at the root. It's been doing great. SUCCESS!

Caring and Styling My Obre Hair

If you have fine, dry hair you might want to try out this method. Just be careful not to put the heavy conditioner near your roots. I shampoo my hair being careful not to overwork the ends. Then I add L'Oreal EverPure conditioner (top right) to my whole head. I apply Total Repair Extreme (top middle) to the ends. I comb it through with my fingers. I leave the conditioners on until the end of my shower and then rinse with cool water. The cool water leaves some of the healthy oils in my hair. After exiting the shower, I brush out my hair using the Tangle Fix brush (center). I add mousse to my whole head and leave in conditioner to the ends only. Then I add two drops of anti-breakage serum to the ends and run the leftovers through my whole head. Once my hair dries naturally, I add some curl using my curling iron. I am not curling my ends for this style. My curling iron has an adjustable temperature. I read that using a mid temperature would be best for fine hair. I've always lived by the philosophy of high heat curls better. Not so. A mid to lower heat works much better on my fine hair. Once I've curled and finger combed my hair to separate the curls, I lightly spray my hair with Elnett. I haven't been compensated for telling you about these products. They are just products that I've found work for me and my fine hair.
Hopefully, there are more good hair days ahead. If you have any fine, dry hair tips, I'd love to hear about them.

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