Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Moment of Lust - Karen Walker Soul Club Sunglasses

Karen Walker Sunglasses are all the rage in the blog world. I can definitely take a pass on most of them but when I saw the Soul Club version (black frame with a gold mirrored lens), I was smitten. However, I just couldn't see spending $220 on a pair. The only sunglasses that I own that I've paid full price for (in that range) are my Chanels and to me they were worth every penny. Lucky for me I found a very similar pair of Isaac Mizrahi sunglasses. I saw a pair at a discount store but passed on them because the lens was badly scratched. The original price was $99 but they were discounted to $40 (still too much for a scratched lens). I went home, searched the Internet and found a pair on eBay for only $10! SCORE!

Moment of Lust - Karen Walker Soul Club vs Isaac Mizrahi IM40


photo credit upper left: eat.sleep.wear

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