Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Maximize Holiday Savings - The Math

I can't believe that I'm helping you with math. It's definitely not my strong suit. But when it comes to saving money on the things I want to buy, I'm all about it. Stores will be full of amazing deals this holiday season. You don't have to stop at the sale price. By stacking deals and rebates you can save even more.

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As a birthday present to myself (my birthday is Saturday), I made a purchase from Asos. I've had my eye on the hooded biker parka for sometime.  First I waited for the price to come down a bit and then when I saw the great discounts for Cyber Monday I knew I was ready to snatch this coat up before it was gone. In the process I picked up a couple of other items I had on my list and a little splurge (the faux fur collar).

Some of the items purchased (the coat and short sleeve top) were on sale. In addition to the sale prices and Cyber Monday discount (30%), I also used Ebates before I went to the Asos site and I used a credit card that also provided a store rebate for Asos. If you shop online and you aren't using Ebates, you should be.  It's easy, all you need to do is to register for an account and before you shop, go to Ebates. Search for the store name and click to shop. Ebates creates a tracking ticket and you'll recieve a cash rebate based on the percentage displayed for that store. Every quarter ebates will send you a check (or a direct deposit) that is total for all of your ebates. There are no strings other than going through ebates first. Many credit card companies and banks have also begun negotiating cash back deals with specific retailers.  If you use their card to make your purchase, you'll recieve a credit to your card, based on the rebate for that merchant. The percentage will vary per retailer and credit card company. For my card, I just had to log into their site and my account, go to the deals section of the site.  Then I selected the deals I wanted to use. New deals are issued on a regular basis. Each time I check my account, I check for new rebate deals. Check with your card issuer for details.

Here is how my savings breaks down.

Full Price (no discounts): $241.39

Total with Sale Prices:                      $169.69
Cyber Monday Discount 30%:          ($50.91)
Free shipping from Asos                      $0.00
Total paid to Asos at check out:        $118.79
Ebates rebate (5%):                               $5.94
Credit Card rebate (10%):                    $11.88
Final Total:                                         $100.97

Just by going to Ebates first and using a specific credit card, I will get an additional $17.82 in cash back!  That is more than the cost of the short sleeve top.  My final total with all of my discounts and rebates is less than the full price cost of the coat! I got some great items for a bargain. Even with my scarf splurge, my total was just a little over $100. The 30% Cyber Monday discount at Asos is good until December 4th.

I hope you'll start using Ebates and check your own credit and debit cards for rebates.  It's worth it to take a minute to get those rebates. You can use the extra money to buy more gifts for loved ones or even yourself.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are my own. I was not provided compensation from Asos or any credit card company. If you sign up for Ebates through the links above, I will earn referral credits.

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