Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fashion Frustration - Pants Two Ways

For much of my life I've had a recurring frustration. I would come up with these fantastic outfit ideas, in my head.  When I went shopping I would find out that my outfit included an item that wasn't yet available. Six months to a year later, the item would come onto the market. Which is part of the reason I considered a career in fashion design. I've often looked high and low for an item, only to find that no one is making or selling what I have in mind. Like the sheer organza blouse I wanted several years ago, which you can now find everywhere. The internet has helped this issue some but many times my challenge isn't just that the item isn't being sold but that it's not available in my size. For about two years now, I've been on the hunt for a pair of camouflage pants in a narrow cut (skinny). At first I couldn't find them anywhere. Then I couldn't find them in plus sizes. Now, they are all over but every blogger is wearing them and plus size versions are still scarce.  Camo is a huge trend right now. It's frustrating because instead of being unique, I will look like everyone else. Even though they are all over the blogosphere, my love of them hasn't dwindled. I just found a pair at Old Navy and instead of whining about the fact that I will look like a copy cat. I will take the trend and make it my own.

Old Navy Plus Size Skinny Twill Pants in Forest Camo (other sizes)
I see camo as a neutral.  It works well with almost any color (black, brown, blue, maroon, etc.). You can dress it up or down. You know that one of the most imporant factors for me when purchasing an item it ensuring that I can wear it multiple ways and multiple places.  I would definitely sport these pants during the day and for an evening out.
1 Pair of Pants 2 Ways - Weekend Errands
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For weekend errands or a casual day, I would wear my pants with a rock t-shirt (I already own a similar vintage shirt), a leather jacket and my favorite low heel booties. I'd add a sparkly necklace and ring and this pretty but practical, maroon bag.
1 Pair of Pants 2 Ways - Drinks
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 For a night out, I'd swap my biker jacket for a tuxedo jacket and my t-shirt for a lace or embroidered top. Instead of low heel booties and a practical day bag, I would wear a great pair of heels and a statement making clutch. I'd add some sparkle with dangle earrings and a couple of bracelets. Adding the feminine touches gives a fun mix of tough and pretty, which I love.
How do you adjust a trend to make it work for your style?

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