Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sheer Pink and Gold Manicure

My DIY post last week was a little preview of my upcoming mani.  I've been dying to try striping tape. I found a striping tape and dotting tool bundle through Amazon and took the plunge.  It wasn't much of a risk since the entire kit cost less than $3.50, including shipping!  It arrived yesterday and I had to try it right away.

Laying down the striping tape was a little awkward and tricky.  I had to get {msL} to help me cut it to fit my nails.  Next time, I think I will use a flat blade cutting tool that will make it easier to cut the tape myself.  The first few nails took forever. Then I got the hang of it.

My base coat is essie Mademoiselle. It's a very pale, sheer, pink.  It was the perfect base for my gold french manicure.  I wanted simple and pretty.  After the base coat dried, I cut a small strip of tape and applied it to my nail, then trimmed it to size.  I did this for each nail.  After pressing the tape down to make sure the seal was tight, I applied two coats of top coat.

There will be other striping tape manicures coming.  I have lots of ideas and colors.

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