Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pinterest is my Frienemy

Over the last year or so, I have extolled the virtues of Pinterest, through references in my posts. I've collected beauty tips, manicures, outfit ideas, recipes, health and fitness tips, and of course tons of wedding ideas.  I've made some great DIYs inspired by Pinterest (plus here and here). The entire menu for a party was created from Pinterest recipes. I even entered but didn't win a Pinterest contest (but I was a finalist). It's my late night fun, a way to kill time while waiting in line (thanks to the app) and a great way to bring new folks to RGR. It is also, at times, my albatross

RGR - Pinterest is my Frienemy
Some of my Favorite Pinterest Items

There are many items that I pin with every intention of creating.  Time, life and other priorities get in the way. It can be a time sucker.  As a bride it became another form or torture. It's not enough that brides are told their weddings must fit into some mold or "the perfect wedding" but add to that the pressure of Pinterest.  I finally had to separate my wedding boards. Ideas I thought were great in general and ideas that were right for us. Wedding planning can be stressful in and of itself. Add to that the deluge of wedding websites and blogs that are now also posting to Pinterest.  Amazing photography, beautiful couples, brightly colored flowers, flowing white dresses, and on and on. It's enough to make a bride lose her mind.  There are only a handful that in addition to great stories and beautiful photos, give you the reality of wedding planning (my faves are Capitol Romance and Off Beat Bride). These great sites also show that you don't need to have a cookie cutter wedding. Also that not all of us have the $26K budget of the "average" wedding and we don't need to.

It's a great tool for saving items that I find when I'm surfing or reading. I don't have stacks of pages ripped out of magazines any more. The "To Do" section of my bookmarks is now manageable. I've found a few things that make Pinterest work for me. I separate the "nice to haves" and the dreams on from the realities and the "I can do's" into separate boards. Sometimes, I don't only use the instructions that I find via one pin. When it came to our mercury glass candle holders (for our wedding) I scoured the net looking for tips and information.  Sometimes Pinterest is just my inspiration (like the sunglasses above). A picture is my start and I come up with my own ideas. You just need to keep it all in Perspective.

My favorite way to laugh about Pinterest is via these great blogs:

Even with instructions, real life doesn't always come out the way we think it will, or at least the way Pinterest says it should be.

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