Friday, January 4, 2013

Costume for a New Year

I'm finally back.  I took a much needed break over the holidays.  Using some of my vacation time, I spent time with family and friends, made Christmas presents and rested. Work and wedding planning have been my focus this week but I'm back in the swing now. We hosted a New Year's Eve party at our house for a few friends.  This year we decided to have an 80's themed party.  Everyone dressed as their favorite 80's icon.  We listened to a fantastic 80's playlist, compiled by my friend and music maestro Carl and even drank Bartles and James wine coolers. I decided to dress as Madonna.  I knew I had a few pieces I could use but I wanted to buy some new ones that I could wear after the party and into 2013.

1) Contrast Moto Jacket - F21, Leggings - Torrid, Rhinestone Necklace - F21 (no longer available online), Bangle Sets - Nordstrom Rack and Bloomingdales, Sam Edelman Peyton (no longer available, similar here) - Nordstrom Rack
My friends at Potomac Mills Mall invited me to come to the mall and shop in the Fashion District.  They have great stores like Nordstrom Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Forever 21, Torrid, Bloomingdales, and TJ Maxx. They gave me a gift certificate to use during my shopping adventure.  I was thrilled to shop in some of my favorite stores.  You've read about my amazing finds from Nordstrom Rack and NM Last Call. It was so hard to choose my items. It was sensory overload and I kept finding all sorts of other great items. Staying focused was hard. I knew I wanted to get some great pieces that I could wear over and over and I had to keep my eye on the goal.

This is a photo heavy post. You can see and read more after the jump.

I combined my new purchases with some items I already own for my New Years Eve costume.  I decided not to wear the jacket because I had a red velvet bolero that worked perfectly.  But I know I'll get tons of wear from the jacket. This is how I wore my new purchases on New Years Eve.

We had a blast and I loved dressing up. I have to confess, I can't wait to style my finds for some cool new outfits.  I'm also hoping they inspire me to try some new things.

I was inspired by this street style photo.  I'll combine the moto jacket with my boyfriend jeans, my favorite t-shirt and my new heels and necklace for a fun casual outfit.

I love this outfit that Kylie Minogue put together. It's simple but chic.  I'll wear my leggings, with the moto jacket, my new heels and bracelets and I'll add my black tunic.  I firmly believe that leggings aren't pants. Adding the tunic covers me enough without adding bulk.

We have a great yoga studio close by and for Christmas {msL} bought me a new student pass.  I can't wait to try out some classes.  The leggings will come in handy for those classes.  I'll add my new yoga mat and a comfortable workout shirt.

I get bored easily.  That includes my exercise routine.  I have to switch it up.  My friend Candi is my inspiration.  She is always trying new things, like trapeze classes, fun runs, and dance classes.  My tutu has inspired me to try some new things.  I'll get some new running shoes and I can try out an event like the Color Run, a hip hop dance class or a barre class.  New year, new exercise.

I made my own tutu.  It was so easy. There is an easy DIY coming up.  I'm also planning to make a tulle skirt that I can wear on a daily basis.  I have pinned a bunch of great tulle skirt examples on Pinterest.

Thank you again to Potomac Mills for the gift certificate to shop the Fashion District.  I had a blast and got some incredible bargains and items. If you live close by you should check out all of the fantastic deals.

*Note - I was provided with a gift certificate in exchange for this post and highlighting my shopping experience at Potomac Mills.

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