Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poolside and Oceanfront - Bargain Style Picks

We are hosting a backyard grad pool party next weekend and of course I'm already thinking about my outfit.  As one of the hosts, I want to look stylish, a little dressy but be comfortable.  We'll be hosting lots of parties this summer and we have our summer beach trip in July.  I wanted my selections to last through the summer and beyond.  Of course, I go for quality as well as a good price.

Poolside and Oceanfront Style

  1. Cover-up -  I usually choose a sarong but I'd love to grab a fun new maxi cover up. This one is colorful and pretty but not too heavy. 
  2. Earrings - Big earrings are a fun way to wear jewelry to the beach or pool without it weighing you down. These coral inspired gold earrings from Stella & Dot fit with the beach vibe.
  3. Sun hat - I love large brimmed hats for the beach and pool. They look great, hide your beach hair, and keep the sun off of your face.  I have a had from the San Diego hat company that I've owned for more than 10 years.  I'd love to get one in another color.
  4. Bracelet - I don't wear tons of jewelry to the beach or pool but this stretch version from Stella & Dot will slide off easily before you jump in the water.
  5. Swimsuit - I've never been a bikini girl so this retro suit is perfect for me.  It's sexy but covers in a great way.  It's available is sizes 2 - 26!
  6. Beach bag - I don't need a bag when I run out to the backyard pool but it's a must for our vacation.  I LOVE our LL Bean canvas bags.  They are affordable, stylish and indestructible.
  7. Flip flops - I confess that rubber flip flops are one of my least favorite type of footwear.  I do wear them when I am running around the pool or going to beach. I don't have to worry about sand or dirt and I can rinse them off easily. The beading on this pair give them a bit of flair.
  8. Sunscreen - I'm a bit pushy with my family and friends about using sunscreen. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than sunburn. I also know people who have had skin cancer scares.  Also, I wear it without fail.  I love being outside and in order to protect myself and ensure that I preserve the great skin I was born with, sunscreen is mandatory. Neutrogena products are some of my favorite. Last summer I also fell in love with Supergoop wipes. They are towelettes coated in sunscreen. Genius!
  9. Sunglasses - I'm a bit of a slut when it comes to sunglasses. I love them and own way too many. My designer pairs are my favorites but they don't go to the beach with me.  I take a pair that I can wear into the water and not care if they get scratched in the sand.  This pair from GirlPROPS is only $4.99!
What are you picks for staying stylish in the sun and by the water?

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