Friday, May 4, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - Off to the Races

Today's Frugal Fashion Friday centers on the parties this weekend for the Virginia Gold Cup and the Kentucky Derby. It was one of the options for today's Friday's Fancies.  A huge part of these events are the hats and outfits worn by attendees.  Two weekends ago my cousin and I created her hat for the Gold Cup (she'll be attending this weekend).  It was a fun DIY project. I decided to create an outfit surrounding the hat we created.  I selected some frugal options for girls on a budget.

Clockwise from the top center
I won't be attending any of the Gold Cup and Derby events myself this weekend. My Honey and I are going to be chaperones for a local Gay Straight Alliance prom this weekend, instead. I'm really excited to help out the kids and support such a fantastic cause.  So many kids can't attend their proms with the person they choose because of fear, bullying or school regulations.  If you know a kid who needs support and help, please be there for them. If you aren't sure how to help you can check out these great resources. 

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 

Happy Friday Real Girls!!!

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