Friday, May 25, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - DIY: Cap Toe Flats

I just knew my obsession with cap toe shoes would lead to a DIY or maybe two. Sitting in my closet and on their last heel tap were a pair of gun metal flats. They were destined for the trash but I decided to try a little DIY love and give them a second life. Some spray paint would do the trick.

I started by collecting supplies.


Pink Neon Spray Paint
Clear Glaze
Alcohol and cotton pads

I measured the toes of the shoes and taped them off. Then I taped off the soles in the front and the full shoe to avoid any paint spatter.

I cleaned the toe areas with alcohol. I used plain rubbing alcohol and allowed them to dry. This isn't mandatory but I think it helps the paint adhere better.

Then I sprayed multiple thin coats on the shoes until I achieved the color I wanted. I allowed the shoes to dry completely between each coat.

Then I gave each shoe a single coat of Krylon Clear Glaze. This protects the shoes and gives the toe a shiny finish.

I'm happy with the results. A Goodwill trip is on tap for this weekend. I'm sure there is another pair coming soon.

Happy Holiday Weekend
Real Girls!


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