Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weekend Rewind via Instagram - Fun All Around

Taking pictures is so much fun but I always forget to bring my camera or I'm lazy about downloading photos. Having a phone that takes great pictures saves me on a regular basis.  I love all of the photo apps on the iPhone.  Instagram is my favorite but I love the composite apps too, like PicFrame. I took some of my Instagram photos from our weekend fun and compiled them in PicFrame.

From the top left...
  • Me and Laila hamming it up for the camera.
  • Adam and his Gamma on the swings.
  • Laila and Adam fishing at the pool.
  • A possible wedding venue option - We might have cocktails and cigars out here.
Over the weekend my Honey and I had two special house guests.  Her grandkids stayed with us for the weekend so their parents could have some time alone. She was a young mom so she's a young grandma and we have great fun with them. Our neighborhood pool has a "Fish Out" every year before they open the pool.  They stock the pool with fish and you can come catch them. You pay an entry fee and get poles and bait. We went with our neighbors and had a great time. Then we took the kids to the park and to Dairy Queen for ice cream. I'm still hunting for a great wedding location that won't blow our entire budget.  I'm trying to narrow it down but it's not easy.

From the top left...
  •  One of my fun Goodwill finds.
  •  My new $14 shades, from Walgreens!
  • A fun watermelon lip color for spring and coral nails.
  • Layered tops and necklaces.
I always smile when I wear my star bracelet.  I snagged it for just a few dollars and I love it. My new shades were an impulse buy. I spied them while I was at Walgreens dropping off a prescription. They are made by Foster Grant. I love the colored mirrored lenses. I've been on the hunt for a watermelon colored lip stick.  I found this one, Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart.  It's smooth like a balm with buildable color. The polish is Spoiled by Wet n' Wild in Lox-y Lady.  It's only available at CVS and this week you can buy two bottes and get one free. At $1.99 each you can stock up! Last week I wore one of my favorite jackets and layered it with a spring colored shirt, worn open and a tank. Then I layered a ton of necklaces.  I really like the look. It was business with a twist.

If you don't have an iPhone and can't follow my Instagram pics on your phone, you can check them out on Instagrid. All of my photos are instantly posted there.

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