Thursday, April 5, 2012

Moment of Lust - Christian Louboutin Morphing Leopard-Print Bootie

There are so many things that make the Morphing Leopard-Print Bootie from Christian Louboutin perfect. Is it the interesting heel? Is it the leopard print? Is it the ankle boot style? For me it's all of the above. The only thing I don't love is the price.

I searched and searched and didn't find a bootie exactly like the Loubs but I found a few decent options for the thrifty girl.  This first version by Steve Madden is a tad western but still a cute option.

This version from Charlotte Russe has a much more stiletto like heel than the Loubs but it's a steal at $17.99. Perfect if you think this will be a passing fancy for you.

This bootie happens to be my personal favorite.  I know it's a peep toe and a wedge. Both of these facts keep it from coming close to being a substitute for the coveted Louboutins but I love it!  The wedge is perfect for me, the peep toe means I can wear it for many months. This one is on my list. I may have to use my DSW certs and cash in to get a great discount.

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