Friday, April 6, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday Guest Post - Intimate Budget DC Wedding Venues

Today I'm going to ask your forgiveness for straying from fashion but we are still being frugal. I'm thrilled that guest blogging today here on RGR is my friend, Bree of Washington, DC wedding blog, Capitol Romance. I've met some amazing people through blogging and Bree is one of the best. She writes a fantastic blog that I enjoy reading (even before I was wedding planning) and she's a super cool person. I'm sure you'll enjoy this post and when you're done be sure to run over and check out Capitol Romance.  Here's Bree!

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome for small-budget weddings in Washington, DC, is finding a venue to accommodate a smaller, intimate wedding with a lower price tag too! Unfortunately Google tends to return not much help in that department – and the more well known venues in DC {the ballrooms, the hotels, the historic buildings, etc} tend to run pricey AND are better suited for larger weddings.

Fortunately for you, I have done some research, digging to find smaller, offbeat wedding venues in Washington, DC. I’ve featured a few smaller weddings on my blog that have been able to scour our city’s venues and find the ones that are more appropriate for smaller/intimate weddings!

Located just blocks from the White House – this gallery is one of my favorite low-budget, intimate wedding venues in DC! It has a bright modern feel to it – and art galleries are always good options for low-budget brides, as they are already decorated! Check out more pictures and information on the rental space here.    

Located in Logan Circle, there is a modern building called The Human Rights Campaign – inside is a center, awesomely named, the Equality Center, and you can rent it for events! There is so much that I love about the name/history of this place and what it stands for. I even considered this as my own wedding venue because I loved the idea of getting married in a place that fought for human rights and equality for all!    

Another art gallery option for DC area couples, searching for that small, intimate wedding venue – without the sky-high prices. Plus, like I mentioned with #1, art galleries rule for low-budget weddings because no additional decor [or at least not a ton of it] is really needed! 

The Parks House is in Georgetown, on “Embassy Row” and it has “historic Washington, DC” written all over it. There are multiple rooms and a gorgeous garden (a garden ceremony? In love with the idea!) and would make for an ideal intimate venue in DC proper. 

The Tabard Inn is actually a boutique hotel in Dupont Circle. But it is available to rent as an event space for smaller events. The banquet halls are the perfect mixture of traditional and offbeat – as you can see here with the crown molding, but lime green paint.


6)  The Cranford House  - The Cranford House is home to the American News Woman’s Club and is an architectural treasure! It’s a historic, 4-story townhouse outside Dupont Circle in Embassy Row. Perfect if you want the elegance of a French revival home, for a more intimate setting for your wedding.

Thanks Bree, for helping me keep my sanity and giving me great venue suggestions! Don't forget to check out Washington DC wedding blog, Capitol Romance.

Happy Friday Real Girls!

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