Friday, March 9, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - My Spring Short List

I know I told you all that I'd be guest blogging on the DC Goodwill Fashionista today, well there was a bit of a mix up and I'll be guest blogging there next week.  Each season I create a list, a short one of items I really want to purchase.  The items may be a trend piece or a hole in my wardrobe. I keep the list in my phone. I can refer to it when I'm shopping and it helps me stay on track and reduces my impulse buying.  Also, if I know what I want, it's easy to keep an eye out at thrift stores and for online sales.  If you don't know what you need then it's hard to wade past all those wants and "Oh Those are Cute!".  I also include items like bras, undies and other foundations on the list, even though they aren't exciting. Here is my short list for spring 2012.  I've already snagged the pants, during my vacation this past week.

RGR Spring Short List

1) Yellow Blazer - I love the bright pop of color for work or play.
2) Wedge Sandals - I have a tan pair of sandal like, wedge, shoes (seen here) that I wore often last summer. I'd like another pair in a different style.
3) Studded and spiked bracelets - They toughen up a sweet summer look, especially pastels.
4) Bright pants - I wear black pants and jeans often.  A pair of brightly colored pants will brighten my wardrobe.  I found a pair almost this color last weekend at Goodwill!
5) Leopard heels - I have a pair of low leopard wedges. I'd love to find a comfy pair of heels that I can use to switch things up from my usual black.

What's on your short list?

Happy Friday Real Girls!

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