Thursday, March 8, 2012

When Life Gets in the Way

As much as I hate to admit it, this has been a bit of a lack luster this week here on RGR. We got home from vacation on Monday evening and my paying job has been non-stop ever since.  I've been getting home late from work and haven't managed to get to bed until late every night, trying to catch up on personal things.  I've also been working on a guest post I'll be doing tomorrow for the DC Goodwill Fashionista. These are pathetic blogger excuses, I know and I promise to make it up to you all next week.

Because of all of this craziness I was inspired to talk about getting dressed in the morning  Since I've been blogging and folks know I have a fashion blog, I feel a little more pressure to pull off great daily outfits. That being said, there are days when I'm just not feeling creative or fashionista like. I've gone to bed without a thought of my outfit for the next day.  I get up late or I'm in a hurry. To avoid the boring old office uniform of a black skirt and white blouse, I've devised a couple of quick dressing strategies.

Get Dressed Like Magic!

Pick a Simple Base
I have a couple of dresses that are like a blank canvas. They are solid colors, gray, blue, raspberry, etc.  A great fitting dress can take you from day to night and you only have to grab that single item to get started. If you aren't feeling the dress, use a monochromatic, pants and top base.  The top and pants don't have to match exactly but the same color range helps.  And bonus, a monochromatic look is slimming on all figures.

Spice It Up With Accessories 
Adding accessories doesn't just mean jewelry.  With a basic dress, you can add an interesting or contrasting belt, standout shoes and a colorful bag.  You can also never go wrong with a statement necklace and an arm party of bracelets.

Choose a Great Topper
If it's still cool outside, you can pick a jacket or coat that will get you noticed. I'm a big fan of print coats in bright colors.  If your dress is a neutral, you could choose a bright colored trench.

Using these three simple ideas, it makes getting dressed a bit easier. When I'm in a rush or feeling uninspired, it keeps me from losing my mind.

Do you have quick dressing strategies of  your own?  I'd love to know what they are, please share.

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