Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Casual

This weekend I was thrilled to attend my first plus size clothing swap. Thanks to my blogging buddy, Curvy CEO for hosting such a wonderful day. As you know I love going to clothing swaps.  Unfortunately, many times, my choices are limited.  I think most curvy girls stay away because they think they may be the only girl bringing plus size clothing. It was a treat to have so much to choose from.  I'll be posting my great finds later and I'm sure I'll be wearing items in future posts. When I picked out my outfit, I wanted something chic, comfortable but easy to shed if I needed to try on something. I picked one of my favorite weekend casual outfits, a tweed blazer, cargo pants, a gray t-shirt, flats, and my trusty Coach Willis (cross body bag).  I added my tiniest cubic zirconia studs, a chunky chain necklace and my silver monogram necklace.  I also threw on a couple of rings for good measure. I took a few photos with my camera phone but as you can see the quality (due to lighting) isn't the best.

Jacket - Kasper, T-Shirt - Target, Cargo Pants - Avenue, Shoes - Marc Jacobs via Saks off 5th, Bag - Coach, Earrings - ??, Necklaces - gifts

I wanted to add pictures of some of my blogger friends from the swap but I only took three photos. They went like this.  First one Bisi looks great, I look drunk.  Second photo, I look pretty good and Vivi has her eyes closed. Third photo, Vivi looks great and I have my eyes closed.  It's an unwritten fashion girl rule that you don't post "not so great photos" of your girls.  But you can see photos of the beautiful Bisi and Vivi in the Curvy CEO post. Bisi blog is Fatshion and Fattitude.  Vivi's blog is Heart, Print & Style. She won the Goodwill giveaway I ran a while back.

Many of the items I'm wearing are no longer available but you can wear similar items. I pulled together this little collage on Polyvore for your viewing pleasure.

RGR Weekend Casual

If $298 is out of your price range for a Coach Willis bag, never fear.  I found mine at a Goodwill store in NYC.  I've found several Coach bags at Goodwill stores in the DC area.  You can also search on ebay.  There are lots available in every price and quality. It's a great investment bag. I use mine often on the weekends and love that it has a shoulder strap and a top handle. The monogram necklace is also a pricey piece but I found it in lots of sizes and price points. Mine is sterling silver but I've seen them in other metals.

I love this outfit combo because it's easy and chic.  The tweed jacket and jewelry elevate the casual cargo pants and t-shirt.  The flats make shopping and errands comfortable and the bag keeps your hands free.

What's your favorite weekend casual outfit?

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