Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thrify NYC

As part of our trip to New York, my sister and I decided to avoid the big department stores and shop the thrift and vintage store route. It was an adventure and we couldn't lose. Great style at bargain prices!

We both scored some great items. Keep in mind we stayed on the Upper East side. This worked to our advantage because the women of the Upper East side like to donate their barely used, "I'm bored with that", "I've been seen in that" clothing to thrift stores and charities.

The first day, we hit a Goodwill store that I had heard about. It took some digging, as most thrift stores do but my sister found a vintage 1960's Harris Tweed coat, in blue and purple hues for only $19.99!  A new one can cost over $300. I found this vintage, like new, Coach Willis bag.  It is in perfect condition.

My apologies for the picture quality. A better camera is in my future.

Day two we hit some of the charity thrift stores. There are four within a three block stretch on 3rd Avenue. I saw some good items, tons of designer shoes that were too small for me, Burberry trenches that didn't fit, an Armani coat that was priced a bit high, a Marc Jacobs bag that showed too much wear, and a vintage Etienne Aigner purse (not my style) that still had its tags! My sister walked away with a great wool jacket and a cashmere sweater for less than the price of a nice dinner.

On day three we went back to the Goodwill store to look for some vintage t-shirts. We didn't find any that we liked but we both walked away with a great menswear vest. Menswear is still in this fall and I'm excited to incorporate the vest into my rotation.

As we were headed toward the register, my sister spied a silver mesh bag. As she picked it up I said, "That looks like a Whiting & Davis." I have a long love affair with Whiting & Davis, going back to the days when I used to look at the one my mom has owned since the 50's. Luckily, now it's mine. They are known for their metallic mesh evening bags. As luck would have it, I was right!  The bag was not vintage but a current style and in brand new condition! Of course I couldn't leave without it.

My bag looks just like this one. It's currently selling for $120 - $150.  I got it for only $7.99!  Thanks to my sister and the ladies of the Upper East Side! 

We left the city on Sunday with a vintage winter coat, wool jacket, cashmere sweater, a vintage Coach bag, two wool menswear vests, and a Whiting & Davis bag for less than $150. That is the current price of just the Whiting & Davis bag.  Score for the sisters!!

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