Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspiration - Pinterest and My Pins

Have you heard of Pinterest yet?  In case you haven't heard, Pinterest is an online, bulletin board.  Have  you ever been surfing the web and found something you love?  Then you have to stop and book mark it or print in out, or write down the URL.  Pinterest saves you those steps.  You can create boards where you "pin" things you find. Your boards and pins can be grouped in any way your choose.  I've created boards for my style inspirations, ideas for my office redo, sayings that I love, beauty ideas and items, wedding ideas, DIY inspiration and lots more. 

Any one can join Pinterest.  Just create an account and start pinning.  There is even an app that allows you to pin on the go. You can follow other members and "repin"  or "like" their finds.  You can search for other users via facebook or twitter using your list of friends.  I love it because it helps me keep ideas sorted and gives me inspiration for my blog and upcoming DIY projects. You can follow me on Pinterest.  Here are a few of my recent pins.

A full leather skirt is on my list of Wants

Great idea for a DIY project
Great storage idea for my office! I might use mine for bead supplies.
Maybe this will finally help me master the cat eye.

A pretty wedding updo that isn't too stiff or stuffy.

You can spend lots of time on Pinterest looking at other people's board and pins. I think it's fun to see what others find and get inspiration from them.  It's not just about fashion there are recipes, party ideas, home decorating inspiration, health and fitness pins, and so much more. The sky is the limit.  You should check it out, even if you just go to look.  I bet you'll get hooked and open an account soon, if you don't already have one.

If you already have a Pinterest account, tell me how you like it and leave me link to your boards in the comments section below.  I'd love to follow you.

Pin It!
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