Friday, February 24, 2012

Frugal Fashion Friday - Make It Last

I can't stand for anything to go to waste or for items to fall apart before they should.  Because of this, I employ a few strategies when it comes to my favorite beauty items.  They are all inexpensive ways to make your products go a little further or extend their life.

Makeup Brushes
You don't need to pay a fortune for brush cleaner to increase the life of your brushes and reduce bacteria.  Just use your favorite shampoo.  Place a drop of shampoo on your finger, wet the brush with warm water and gently massage until the water runs clear.  Gently wring as much water as possible from the brush and reshape it.  Dry the brush on it's side but elevate it.  I like to use a folded hand towel.  I fold the towel so it is high enough that the brushes hang off the end and don't touch the counter.  If you dry the brushes standing up with the bristles on top, the water will settle into the handle and metal casing and cause it to deteriorate faster and possibly rust. I usually wash my brushes in the evening and allow them to dry overnight.

Broken Eye Shadow and Blush
It's like some little gremlin lives in my makeup case.  Even if I never drop my case, at some point, my eye shadow or blush will break.  How is that possible?  How does that happen? It's not so tragic when there isn't much left. But sometimes there is a bunch left.  You don't want to trash it.  That's a waste of money.  To salvage those dollars you can turn it into cream blush, highlighter or cream shadow.  I like to use a pill case. They are readily available in every drugstore and discount store and even a local dollar store. I crush the eye shadow into a fine powder and mix it with eye cream.  Just a little at a time until I get the consistency I want.  I do the same with blush but I mix the blush with face cream or lotion. You can apply both with a brush or your finger.You can do the same with your favorite lipstick when it gets to the bottom of the tube. Just mix it with a little petroleum jelly.

I've also heard of a method that uses alcohol to bind the broken eye shadow back together. I've never tried it personally but here is a link to some instructions.

Nail Polish
When I get close to the bottom of my favorite polish and it starts to get thick, I get sad.  Some polish brands last longer than others. But of course it never happens with the polish you don't like because you never use that much. For a few dollars you can purchase a bottle of nail polish thinner.  It will last forever because you only use a few drops at a time.  Put a few drops into the bottle of your favorite polish and mix.  Check the consistency and add a few drops at a time until it is thin enough.  My favorite brand of thinner is sold at Sally Beauty Supply.  it's only $3.99. You can find it on line as well.

Do you have a favorite way to make your products last longer?  Please share it with me.

Happy Friday Real Girls!!!

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