Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm Obesessed Thank You Very Much - Neon Accessories

In the 80's neon was a huge trend. It was everywhere.  I even owned a pair of neon pink tights and some truly horrid neon blue mascara that I wore constantly. The neon trend is back again. I won't be reliving the mascara but we all made bad fashion choices in high school.  Come on, you know you did too. I do still love a pop of neon in accessories.  They are a fun way to wear the trend without looking like an 80's flashback or a fashion trend victim. Accessories are a simple way to introduce some color to your outfit and try out the trend without having to dive in too deep.  Neon next to black or white is a stand out.

Neon accessories

You all know I don't believe in spending a ton on trendy pieces. They usually aren't something that will stand the test of time.  You'll be tired of them in a season or two. Finding those trendy pieces for less is key. The necklace is the most expensive in this lot but that's because I couldn't include the necklace I really love in this collage (stupid Internet programs). Below is a necklace made and sold by  Colorblock Shop on This is only one of some fantastic neon pieces listed. You have to check them out. Necklaces are made to order and this one sells for $36. It's such a fantastic piece and it's affordable.

Do you like the neon trend or are you going to skip this one?

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