Monday, February 6, 2012

Evening Wear For Day - The Versatile Tuxedo Jacket

Even though Sex and the City aired it's final episode years ago, the fashion of the series still resonates with me. The stylists, including Patricia Field gave us so many great looks to desire and emulate.  Carrie's quirky fashion at times was a head scratcher but other times I wanted everything she was wearing.  One of the looks that I loved then and still love today is a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, white tuxedo jacket and black pants.  It was such a cool casual look and seemed so chic but also effortless.

Ever since I have been searching for a white tuxedo jacket.  I prefer the style with black lapels as opposed to all white but either would be great. I have a black tuxedo jacket (seen here) that I love and wear often.  I've had friends and readers tell me that they can't justify purchasing a tuxedo jacket because they don't have the social life where they would wear one.  When I tell them that they can wear it during the day too, with a casual outfit, they are surprised.  Just take a look at these celebrities and how they wear their tuxedo jackets during the day.

Michelle Williams wears hers with a Breton striped top and blue skinny jeans.  Anne Hathaway wears a graphic tee and wide legged pants.  Jeans and a mandarin color blouse are Kate Bosworth's choices.  All of them took this polished evening jacket and dressed it down with their own version of casual.  The jacket makes their daytime basics look more polished.

I just found a great white tuxedo jacket at SimplyBe.  My February fashion budget is going to this great piece.  At $98 it's more than I'd like to spend but judging from the wear I get out of my black tuxedo jacket, I know this one will be worth the money over time.

Tuxedo Jacket

If white isn't your style, try a bright color.  This hot pink version might be just the ticket. You could also go for classic black. Dress it down for day and you'll have a versatile piece in your wardrobe. It can also be a go to item for holiday parties or a night out.

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