Monday, January 30, 2012

Mani That Lasts - Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel

It's fun to go to the salon and be pampered.  Getting a mani is great.  Sadly for me, no matter what I do, they never seem to last more than a few days. Also, I'm one of those nutty girls who really loves to paint her nails. I have since one of my babysitters first painted my nails when I was a little girl. It's fun for me.  Sitting there watching a trashy TV show or reading a fashion magazine and painting my nails is wonderfully zen for me.

I've tried so many ways to make my manis last.  So far, the only thing that has come close to extending the life of my polish is Seche Vite top coat. It does a good job but even that great product doesn't extend it past four or five days. When I heard about Revlon ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel I admit, I was skeptical.  Revlon claims that the manicure will last 11 days if you wear it with the base and top coats. I decided to test it out.

I purchased four bottles during a buy one get one 50% sale at Walgreens and I used a $1 coupon on each bottle.  My grand total was $19.94 for base coat, top coat, Stiletto (black) and Stormy Night (dark gray). If I was truly going to test this product, I wanted a color that would show every chip and all of the wear.  I chose Stiletto.  I love black polish but it never lasts for me. It starts to look crummy after a couple days.

Day 2
Day 5

Day 8   
Day 10 left hand
Day 10 right hand

I decided not to reapply the top coat at all during the test.  After five days you can see some wear at the tips. At day eight I got a tiny chip on my left hand pinky.  It's on the outside and you can barely see it. Today is day ten.  You can see the growth at my cuticles and I got one major chip on my right index finger, earlier today. 

I'm beyond thrilled with the result of this polish. The application was easy, just like any regular polish.  It covers well, in only two coats. As you can see the shine lasted the full ten days. I don't know how the polish would wear without the base and top coat but even if you have to pay full price, it's worth every penny. At around $24 (full price) for base coat, a color polish and top coat it's a bargain! But I've been able to find sales and coupons for all of my purchases so far.

I highly recommend getting some for yourself. In fact, I bought three new colors today.  That's how much I love this polish. It comes in thirty colors, so there's something for everyone.

This is my personal review.  I wasn't compensated by Revlon.  It's my honest opinion and the photos have not been altered.

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