Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY - Holiday Decorations, a Recap

As you all know I took a little break over the Holidays. I didn't post much between Christmas and NYE. I think I needed a little techno break and I was nursing a terrible cold during that time as well. With all of the Holiday prep and scrambling at work, I was toast.  I didn't get a post done showing you all my Holiday decorations.  I grabbed some items from the thrift store. I also purchased a few inexpensive items from discount retailers like Target as well as some spray paint (of course). Combining them I created some unique decorations that didn't bust my budget.

Tray and candle holders from Goodwill

Supply List
  • Candle holders from Goodwill
  • Tray from Goodwill
  • Christmas lights (two strands)
  • Christmas ornaments (balls - glitter, metallic and snowflake ornaments)
  • Ribbon (one roll 2")
  • Spray Paint (Krylon Chrome and Glitter Blast)
  • Candles (tapers and votive)
In an earlier post, I told you about this year's blue and silver theme. I wanted to do things a little different and I liked the idea of blue and silver.  The snow and icicles make for a pretty combination. Plus, I LOVE sparkle but you all know that too.

 We have a large staircase railing and it needed a little something. I took a roll of ribbon, one strand of lights and 2 packages of snowflake ornaments (4 snowflakes per package at $1 each) and decorated the railing.

Staircase railing - 1 roll of ribbon, 2 packages of snowflake ornaments and one string of lights that we already own

We have a shelf in our entry area that holds our charging station, boxes of scarves and our keys.  It is usually decorated with a large red vase with reeds.  I grabbed a clear vase from the cabinet, stuffed it with one strand of blue lights and topped it with glitter ornaments. I ran the chord behind the vase and plugged it in.

Entry way Decoration - Clear vase that we already own, a few ornaments and one string of blue lights
Using the Goodwill candlesticks and a couple we already own, I spray painted and glitter painted some of them.  I have to say, Krylon Chrome and Glitter Blast are some of the coolest DIY items on the planet.  They transformed some of the sticks. My friend the DC Goodwill Fashionista says that I'm the queen of spray paint.  I have to say, that I don't think there is much that can't be improved with some great spray paint.  Check out the before and after of the candlesticks and I'm sure you'll agree. The dark glitter stick right front in the picture below was transformed from a chipped frosted glass stick that I grabbed at Goodwill.  The chips were eliminated by the Glitter Blast paint. You can't even see them now. 

NYE Decorations - Goodwill candlesticks (some painted), A few candlesticks we own (spray painted), Christmas ornaments, Candles from the dollar store, and one candle that was a gift

 I think I amazed myself a bit with the transformation of this tray.  It was a blah wood tray and now it's a WOW tray.  I love it!  This one will stay on our coffee table for many months to come.  I added a few ornaments and the holiday theme continued. A $3 tray and a ($4, originally $7.99 before coupon) can of Krylon Chrome became a great coffee table focal point. 

Using some tape and the same glitter and metallic ornaments I used on the entry way, I created a decoration for our entertainment cabinet.  I stuck the ornaments together, using the tape and placed them on the cabinet.  The ones hanging are attached using the strings that came in the box.

The Tally
  • Candle - Goodwill  $9
  • Candle holders (own)  $0
  • Mosaic candle (gift)  $0
  • Vase (own) $0
  • Tray - Goodwill $3
  • Christmas lights (two strands - one purchased) $4
  • Christmas ornaments (balls - glitter, metallic and snowflake ornaments) $14
  • Ribbon (one roll 2") $3
  • Spray Paint - Krylon Chrome and Glitter Blast $8 (with coupons)
  • Candles (tapers and votive) $5

The bonus is that all of the items can be used again. I also have enough spray paint left for other projects. For less that $50 I decorated the entire house for Christmas and New Year's Eve. You can find great buys at your local Goodwill or thrift stores.  With a little spray paint and some creativity, you can decorate your home any time of year.

I have more DIY coming soon.  What's your next project?

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