Friday, November 11, 2011

Frugal Fashion Friday - Favorite Bargain Sites

Shopping is one of my favorite past times but truth be told I haven't been doing much of it lately.  I have tightened my budget and am being extremely frugal with my purchases. I've started recycling and revamping some clothing and shoes that I had stored away.  When shopping was an option, I've been hitting the thrift stores.  My stellar luck lately with finding not one but two pairs of Ferragamo heels, helps to keep my eye on the prize.  The goal is to save for and pay for a great wedding without going into debt.  My Honey and I both agree that wedding debt is not an option.  If we can't pay for it with savings or through the generosity of loved ones, it won't happen. Hence the reason for tight budgeting.

Clockwise from Top: Dress from ASOS, Pradas from DSW, Jacket and shoes from Talbots,
Bracelets from JewelMint, Rainboots from Forever 21

My purchases are frugal and well thought out.  Frugal doesn't always mean the least expensive option but it does mean a quality option for a good price. Cyber Monday is coming up soon and I'm sure there will be lots of bargains available.  I thought I'd share with you, some of my favorite online shopping sites and the reasons I love them.

Trendy Items - Forever 21  
F21 has a great selection of clothing, shoes and accessories at amazingly affordable prices.  They even sell plus size clothing. Bargain prices are always mandatory for trendy items, ones that I will most likely only wear for a season or two, at least for me.  I just don't see the point in paying top dollar for an item I'll be tired of or that will look dated by this time next year.

European Style - ASOS
I've sung the praises of ASOS many times.  Their selection of fashion forward European style is fantastic.  I find great bargains and they have free shipping both ways (if you need to return).  Their selection of shoes, jewelry and plus size clothing is amazing. They only negative is that it can take a little longer for your items to arrive but they are coming from Europe, after all.  It's worth the wait.

Jewelry - JewelMint
The quality and amazing design of JewelMint jewelry has made me a loyal customer.  Each piece is $29.99 but many times, there are sets available where you get multiple pieces of jewelry for that price.  If you like them on facebook or follow them on twitter, you can also get discounts on single pieces and multiples. You've seen me wear JewelMint many times. They have something for everyone and a great price.

Classic Clothing - Talbots
If you are looking for beautifully tailored classic style, Talbots is a must.  They sell clothing is all sizes (petite to plus) and most of the items they sell are timeless.  I love their outlet stores but many of the items in the outlet stores are also being sold online. I've purchased amazing skirts and tops for less than $20!  For an item that I could wear for years, that is truly a bargain.

Plus Sizes - Fashion to Figure
There was a time that if you were in the plus size range, you could forget finding any dress that didn't look like a tent.  Times have changed, my friends, thanks to amazing stores like Fashion to Figure.  They sell fantastic clothing and there is nary a muumuu in sight! The clothing is stylish, fashion forward and affordable. It flatters women of all shapes and sizes (from 12 - 26).  I'll be doing a review of their clothing soon. I'm in love!

Shoes - DSW
Their selection and range of options is great.  They have great sales and you can use up to three coupon codes on one order!  Returns are a breeze because you can return an item via mail or to a store. Many of the items online can be found in their stores and vice versa.  I always check the sale pages before I go into the new items.  I've gotten some great bargains, including my find of the century, navy blue satin Pradas (pictured above).

These are just a few of my favorites.  Which online shopping sites do you love and why?

I set this post up in advance because I'm on a long weekend trip with my Mom and sister to The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.  I'll be posting pictures all weekend on facebook and twitter.  Be sure to follow me.

Happy Friday Real Girls!

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