Friday, October 14, 2011

Frugal Fashion Friday - Thrifting Treasures

Recently I've found some great items at thrift stores.  I wish I could say that there was amazing strategy behind these finds. But to tell you the truth it boils down to two things.  Finding a good store and pure luck.  I shop at thrift stores all over but there are definitely stores that I consider my favorites. They have become my favorites because of their selection and organization.  I don't always hit the jackpot but it's rare that I leave empty handed. That being said, the real key is luck.  Even in my favorite stores, some days I find something fantastic and other days I may just find a scarf or top.  A scarf or a top isn't inconsequential but in my fashion girl head they pale in comparison to finding designer duds for a bargain at the thrift store. 

Lady luck of fashion has smiled on me many times. I've walked away with some amazing designer items, for a bargain.
  • Four Coach bags (one was given as a gift)
  • Cole Haan shoes
  • vintage Pappagallo bag and covers
  • Whiting and Davis silver mesh bag
  • 2 pairs of Ferragamo shoes
  • Diane von Furstenberg dress (given as a gift)
Here are my recent finds, including the two pairs of Ferragamos.  I found them both in one week!

Clockwise from Upper Left: Gold Necklace for a DIY, Cap toe nude Ferragamos,
Maroon and black, cap toe Ferragamos, Chinese Guardian Lions for a DIY
I'll be showing you the DIY projects next week.  I can't wait for you to see how this necklace has been transformed. It had lost its luster and the gold was worn and pitted in places.  When I saw it, I just knew it was begging for a spray paint DIY.  The bright green color of the Guardian Lions made my Honey love them and me hate them.  I saw the possiblities in a great coat of spray paint and transforming them into something brand new. Like this...

When I went to the thrift store where I found the nude Ferragamos, I was initially looking for jewelry.  After striking out in the jewelry department, I wandered down the shoe aisle and saw the nude cap toe pumps. I was excited because after seeing these photos, I decided I needed a pair of cap toe pumps. Lucky me, I found two pairs and they are Ferragamos!  I paid $9.98 for the nude pair and $13.99 for the red and black suede pair. That's usually more than I would pay for thrift store shoes but these are barely worn, well cared for, Italian leather shoes, that originally sold for around $500 a pair. I couldn't walk away.  Now I have two very different pairs of cap toe pumps that I purchased for about $24.  A bargain considering that's what shoes can go for at Target or Payless.

photo credit:  Atlantic-Pacific

photo credit: Stylish Distractions
I can't wait to style them up similar to these looks. I've always loved pairing my boucle jackets with jeans and this will amp up the lady like factor even further.  I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Happy Thrifting Real Girls!

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