Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion Frugal Friday - Wedding Inspiration on a Budget

I haven't posted much about weddings and wedding ideas since I became engaged.  The last thing I want is for this to turn into a wedding blog.  But I'd love to get your feedback on my ideas and inspirations.

I still have a year and half before we are planning to get married.  Truth be told, I've done very little planning.  Weddings can be expensive and we have been working on our budget and saving.  We both agree that throwing an amazing party for our friends and family is what is important to us.  We will be spending the bulk of our budget on food, alcohol and a band.  Those are the things that are most important to us. 

Since we know where we want our money to go, we won't be spending a fortune on our wedding attire. I don't begrudge girls who spend thousands on their wedding gowns.  If that's what makes them feel amazing on their wedding day and they have the budget, I say, go for it. I want a beautiful dress but spending thousands of dollars on a dress just isn't for me. Many of my inspirations are the high end versions but I'm working on getting the same look for my meager budget.

My Inspirations

From Top Left:  Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2011, Bridal Sash - Sarah Morgan Bridal, My Mom,
Christian Louboutin Marine Glitter Platforms, Peacock Headband - Kaang Accessories

I love the flower skirt of this dress but Vera Wang dresses are in the $10,000 and up range.  The Art Deco style of this sash is just my style.  Even on etsy sashes such as this one go for around $200 and up.  My Mom borrowed her wedding dress but bought a Brussels lace mantilla. I've always thought I'd wear it on my wedding day. I fell in love with these marine blue glitter Christian Louboutins.  They aren't available any longer but at over $600 a pair, they weren't in my budget. I'm not really a tiara girl but somehow I'm smitten with the idea of incorporating peacock feathers in my hair.  What do you think of my inspirations?

Budget Ideas

From Top Left: Peacock feathers, Sew-on crystals, White by Vera Wang, My Mom, DIY Glitter Shoes - Teresa Does It

As luck would have it, Vera Wang now has a bridal line at David's Bridal.  This dress, similar to her couture dress is $1400.  I'm planning to borrow my Mom's mantilla.  My DIY skills will come in handy.  I'm going to try my hand at making my own glitter shoes.  I've also thought of covering them in Swarovski crystals. With my jewelry skills, making my headband and sash shouldn't be too hard. It will take some time but I know I'll love them even more if I make them myself.

I haven't even gone to stores and begun trying on dresses.  Once I do, I may change my mind completely.  I've collected some other dress ideas and I'll post them sometime to get your thoughts. Thanks for indulging me.


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