Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Perfect Fall Outfit

The chill in the air this week has made me think of fall clothes and layering.  This morning I put on one of my favorite maxi skirts, the pale green skirt that my Mom and I made together last February.  I combined it with a jacket that I've never worn it with before. I'll have pictures soon. The maxi jacket combo made me think of my favorite combination of a moto jacket and a girly maxi. I've been pining away for a pleated maxi since last fall. I just found one at asos and I'm thrilled.  Now I just have to save up my money.

My Perfect Fall Outfit

Each piece of this outfit is great on it's own and combined it's so easy to wear.  I love the pops of color with the black and the fun jewelry.

Moto Jacket
This jacket is from my favorite new store, Fashion to Figure.  They sell items in sizes 12 - 26.  This jacket has a classic style but a modern cropped cut. As a bonus it's lined in leopard print fabric! 

Suede Booties
These suede booties are classic and can be worn with pants or a skirt. I love pairing them with this girly skirt. They are easy to walk in for weekend errands and shopping.

Crop Top
Usually the words crop top make me shudder. This one is just the right length and will look loose and flowy with the skirt.  I love the maroon color, perfect for fall.  It's also from Fashion to Figure.

Pleated Maxi Skirt
This black, semi sheer pleated maxi is girly but so versatile. I can see it dressed down with this jacket and boots or dressed up with a sparkly top. I'm in love!

Portfolio Clutch
I love clutches but for every day use they are usually way to small for me. This one is really big and I love the mustard yellow color.

These unique necklaces are from JewelMint.  They are the Victorian Charmer Necklaces and the vintage vibe is so sweet. The layered look is great as well. I love the magnifying glass the most. 

You can make these your own by:

Use code: RGRJM50 (at checkout)
to get 50% off your first order!

I think I may have squealed when I saw this bracelet.  Believe it or not I've been looking for a claw bracelet since I saw one on another blogger months ago. The claw scary but cool and very fall, Halloween.

Stay tuned, I'll be making a great announcement soon about my friends a Fashion to Figure.

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