Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Haven't Lost that Loving Feeling

I thought I might get tired of this skirt but I can't wait to wear it and everytime I do, it makes me smile.  I know I've worn a similar outfit but I styled this one up for the JewelMint Style Challenge.  Using my favorite silver JewelMint bracelets and stacking them, I pulled on this skirt, a tank and a blousy shirt.  To toughen it a little I added a studded belt.

Shirt - Talbots via Goodwill, Tank - Target, Skirt - Avenue, Belt - Torrid, Sandals - Kohl's
Bracelets - JewelMint, Ring - JewelMint, Watch - Target

I realized as I was wearing this outfit that the clothing (just the clothing, no accessories) only cost $17!!!  The skirt was $10 on the sale rack from Avenue. The tank cost $3, Target sale rack and the shirt was $4 at Goodwill.  I was even amazed at myself.

I tweeted a photo of my outfit for the JewelMint Style Challenge and I found out today that I was selected as one of the winners!  It was a great surprise.  I've seen so many stylish JewelMint lovers that I couldn't believe I'd been selected.  This was a fun last minute entry.

L to R:  JewelMint West End bracelet, Sienna bracelet, Coda cuff

If you like the JewelMint bracelets you see or would like to see more, just click here and go to the JewelMint site.  They have so many great pieces, be careful or you'll end up going on a shopping spree.

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