Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion and Style Quote of the Day (#1)

"Personal style is about having a sense of yourself and of what you believe in, which is basically self-confidence. When you have that confidence, you can wear whatever you want and project something personal about who you are and how you feel. Dressing, then, can be an adventure. You dress for the role you are playing on a particular day."

- Ralph Lauren

I wish I had a full picture of this outfit.  I was on my way to a fundraising event. This was a last minute ensemble. My budget was really tight and I didn't want to buy a new outfit. I own a black satin ball skirt that is my go to when I'm at a loss. I combined it with a gray t-shirt and two necklaces (combined into one big statement necklace) that I found on the sale rack.  A gray tee definitely isn't what one would think of when going to a semi-formal event but it toned down the fanciness of the skirt.  The look was chic. I felt confident.

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