Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering and Renewing

There are thousands of blogs postings on 9/11 tributes today. I have been watching footage and news shows for the last few days. This morning I began watching coverage at 6:50am. I couldn't turn it off. We can't ever forget that day and those who died.

I was working close to the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. I was IMing with a friend from my office and I remember telling her, after the first plane hit, that I hoped it was an accident. Then the second and hit and I knew it wasn't an accident. After the plane hit the Pentagon, I watched the smoke rise from several miles away and cried with my coworkers. I desperately tried to reach friends working in DC via phone and email. I didn't lose anyone I was close to that day. I had friends at the Pentagon who helped and who were first responders. The next day I drove by the Pentagon, looked at the massive hole and cried again. Every year I have said prayers and thought of those we lost.

Five years ago today we received a precious gift on 9/11. Our Laila was born. My Honey's son and daughter in law had a beautiful baby girl. She turned a sad day for all of us into a beautiful and special day.

This beautiful new life brought promise and hope. She brings joy to our lives every day. This morning as I was watching coverage of the ceremonies in NYC, at the Pentagon and in PA, I was also decorating a birthday cake for our 9/11 baby. Her smiles and light made me put aside my sadness and think of how happy she makes us all and that life goes on.


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