Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moment of Lust - Marc Jacobs Stam

Every season magazines declare a list of "IT" bags for the season.  Sometimes they are cool, sometimes not.  I love trends and always go for the less expensive versions when I'm buying a trendy bag.  I found a great studded bag last fall for $25, that I use often. Spending big money on trends is never my strategy. They come and go so fast that it's not worth the cost.  When I have the money to spend more, I gravitate toward the timeless bags. You know, the ones that 20 years from now, you'll still be able to carry and look great.

Big logo bags are also not my thing. The timeless bags have branding on them but it's never screaming and loud. I've made my love known for the Chanel Flap Bag (2.55).  It's a beautiful bag although there is a double C logo is small at the buckle. I've heard it said that the smaller the double C logo is on a Chanel bag, the more expensive it will be.  Since I don't shop at Chanel on a regular basis, I haven't tested that theory.  Many people swoon for the Louis Vuitton logo speedy.  I prefer the LV speedy in Epi Leather.  The tiny little LV is subtle but the bag's style is classic. The Marc Jacobs Stam bag fits this category perfectly. The quilting is beautiful. The shape and handles are functional. The lady like silhouette is perfect with any outfit.

Model Jessica Stam carrying her namesake bag

The Stam retails for about $1,350.  I love its beauty but at that price it won't be in the cards for me, unless My Honey wins the lottery for us. I don't count on the lotto because I have never had that kind of luck.  So I went searching for a less expensive version.  I found this bag on Handbag Heaven. They sell great handbags that are similar to designer styles but they aren't replica bags.  They don't have the logos or branding of the real bags but the shapes and styling are similar. The bag comes in several colors. I like the pewter because it's different but can also be used as a neutral. The Handbag Heaven version costs $54.95.  That's $1,295.05 less than the designer version.  It's a perfect swap for me.

What do you think?

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